Welcome to SIPI Exchange

        The SI-PI Exchange is a service initiated by faculty of the Missouri S&T EMC Laboratory, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO (formerly University of Missouri Rolla).

        The si-list (http://www.si-list.net/, http://www.freelists.org/archive/si-list) founded over 20 years ago has provided a resource for world-wide exchange of technical ideas and questions for numerous practitioners in the signal and power integrity community. The si-list continues to provide this resource today through freelists.org. While freelists.org provides a good service at no cost, the SI community can benefit from expanded functionality and features of current web utilities. The goal of the SI-PI Exchange is to supplement the si-list and provide added features to facilitate discussion and learning in the SI community. These features include searches using keywords on all posts dating from June 2001, tags on posts to identify a category of the discussion that can also be searched, and a voting scheme that is employed in many current web groups and sites so that the most helpful portions of a discussion can rise to the top. In addition to the forum functionality, a separate section for posting community news, e.g., conferences, webinars, and other opportunities is available. Finally, a section where web-based tools can be used or obtained is also provided and intended to grow. The web portal allows for improvements of features to enhance the user experience, and provides a platform for new features to be added.